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About Us

Your Website Is In Good Hands

Brothers Design was founded by two brothers–Scott and Kyle–who love building amazing websites.

Your site represents you on the Internet. We’ve all heard the saying about “making a great first impression”, and this rings just as true when it comes to representing yourself online.

If your website doesn’t function properly, or looks unprofessional, you are losing business–plain and simple.

Let’s Brothers Design assist in putting your best face forward.

The Brothers

The Brothers, Kyle & Scott

Why should it be so difficult to get great service when it comes to your website? That’s exactly what brothers Scott and Kyle were thinking when they launched Brothers Design.

Scott, the older brother, had been building websites in his spare time since 1996, and had run his own web development firm since 2002. A few years later, Kyle found that he too enjoyed building things online and decided to get into the field of web development. He was a quick learner–going from knowing basically nothing to pro in the space of one (busy) year.

After a few years of corporate work on Kyle’s end, the brothers decided to combine operations and officially launch Brothers Design out of Detroit, Michigan, where they were both born and raised.

Together with their team of coders, designers, marketers, and optimization specialists, Brothers Design serves as the go-to web specialist for organizations in Metro Detroit and throughout the world.

Service You Can Count On

Service You Can Count On

Have you ever hired a web developer and not gotten the service you were looking for?

Maybe your site wasn’t up to your standards. Maybe they weren’t much fun to work with. Maybe they took way longer to complete the project than had been estimated. Maybe they just disappeared altogether!

We’ve heard just about every horror story you can think of from clients that came to us for help. Apparently it’s hard finding good help these days!

At Brothers Design we do things a bit differently than some of the other guys.

  1. We will be prompt about returning your phone calls and e-mails.
  2. We will do everything in our power to maintain schedules and hit deadlines.
  3. We will cut no corners when it comes to functionality and quality.
  4. We will be a company that you enjoy working with.

In short, your project isn’t done until you say it’s done–we want you to be 100% happy with our work.

That’s where our tagline “Awesome work–on-spec, on-time.” comes from.

Quality That Converts

Quality That Converts

The purpose of having is website is to promote your business and make money. Non-profits use it to raise awareness and solicit donations. Service businesses use websites to advertise and sell their services to prospective clients. Retail businesses use websites to advertise their products and sell them online via e-commerce.

If your website can’t convert visitors into dollars, there’s something wrong.

Is your site easy to navigate? Is it aesthetically appealing and professional looking? Does your site load too slow? Does it look broken when viewed on mobile devices (which accounts for half of all web traffic nowadays)?

Whether starting with a brand new website, or editing an existing one, we know how to craft a site that will convert visitors into customers, and make you money.



We use videoconferencing and screen-sharing to show you, step-by-step, how to manage your website on your own, without any assistance from us. So long to having to pay us every time you need something edited on your site!

We’ll sit with you and go over everything you want to know–how to add posts and pages, how to use the menus, what can be self-edited and what requires our assistance, etc.

And, if you ever have any questions or issues beyond the initial deployment phase of your site, we’ve got you covered with our all-inclusive Monthly Maintenance Packages.