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How to Find Quality Web Hosting

August 5, 2016 - Posted in Hosting

How to Find Quality Hosting

Web hosting used to be tricky to navigate and overly expensive. Nowadays, the proliferation of hosting companies has driven down the cost and learning curve to a point where nearly anybody can sign up for an inexpensive account to host their own website. Go to Go Daddy and you can get a hosting account for as little as $30 per year.

With all of the choices comes quite a bit of mediocrity, along with a few really poor providers. Sure, you can get your site hosted for $3 or less per month, but will it still be up on that critical day when your product launches? What if you get a load of traffic and the web site crashes, or the hosting company shuts down your site because you’ve exceeded bandwidth limits? We’ve seen it happen to clients before (although never when they hosted with us of course!).

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