Brothers Design

Responsive Websites

Check out your website on a smartphone. Do you like the way it looks? Does it look how you thought it would? (Tip: you can also use Google’s free online software to show what your site looks on multiple devices.)

Most modern websites are built with something called responsive technology–that is, they automatically “fit” themselves to whatever display they are viewed on in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Whereas before you would have to zoom in and out on your tablet or phone to see the content clearly, now the site will intelligently rearrange itself to display better on a small screen.

As recently as 2012 or so this wouldn’t have been of much concern, but that’s the year that Google started to put more emphasis on the usability and speed of mobile-version of sites. Also, it’s around that time that people started to put more of an emphasis on mobile design–a good idea, seeing as nowadays around 50% of your views will come from a mobile device (and that number is rising every year).

If you’re site isn’t built with responsiveness in mind, or if your site needs a few tweaks to its mobile version, just let us know. We’ll go through each page with you and make the changes necessary to make it appear just as great as your regular website.