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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (commonly abbreviated as SEO), consists of changing variables on your website to increase its Google Page Ranking. The higher your ranking, the higher you appear in Google’s search results. The higher you appear in the search results, the higher the probability of someone clicking to your site. And, of course, from there it’s all up to the quality, design, and content of your website.

The majority of organic (that is to say, not directly paid for) website traffic comes from the first THREE search results of a word or phrase on Google. If you are anywhere below these results–or don’t even appear on the first page of results altogether–that basically means you’re invisible.

The best practice to follow is to fill your site with long-form, original, high-quality content (informational pages, blog posts, etc.). However, that is juts the tip of the iceberg. There are any number of ways to increase the probability that Google will “like” your site, and the kicker is that they are constantly in a state of flux. That is, the methods used to attain superiority one year won’t necessarily work the next year, as Google constantly updates its algorithms.

We stay on top of the latest techniques in the SEO field, which we then put to use in making your site as visible as possible to the most number of people. We take care of the minute details, so you can focus on crafting the best content for your audience.

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