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Blog vs. vs.

WordPress websites currently power about 25% of all websites on the web today. There are 2 types of WordPress setups that you can choose from– and

The official WordPress website describes the differences like this: is a service that hosts WordPress blogs. is a community where people work on the open source WordPress software. It’s also where that software can be downloaded to be run on your own web server. is where people create applications and plugins with the open-source WordPress software. Originally started as a site for blogging, WordPress has quickly become one of the largest and most popular software platforms for people to design and build websites. Creating a website can be as easy or as complicated as a user wants. You can download the files for free and run them on your own web server. the other hand community built of WordPress blogs. You will usually see some names then in the URL (

You can view a more extensive chart from WordPress here.

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