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Domain Registry of America Scam

August 25, 2016 - Posted in Informative

Domain Registry of America Scam

Have you ever received one of these envelopes in the mail? I know I have…along with many of Brothers Design’s clients. The company’s name is Domain Registry of America, and they send out millions of spam letters every year to domain owners throughout the U.S.

The Domain Registry of America seeks to prey on new and/or uninformed domain name holders in the hopes that they fall for their scam. So, what’s the scam about? This company poses as the company that you registered your domain name through (known as a registrar), and presents an offer to renew soon-to-be-expired domain names that you had previously registered.

The thing is, they are not the company you registered with, and if you fill out the form and send in payment to renew your domains, they will transfer over to a different company, at a higher price (they charge upwards of $35/year versus the average of $10-15/year).

Although what they are doing is definitely legal, they are pretty shady in that they hope to reel in web novices.

Keep an eye out for any mailings from this company, and feel free to shred on arrival.