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How to Find Quality Web Hosting

August 5, 2016 - Posted in Hosting

How to Find Quality Hosting

Web hosting used to be tricky to navigate and overly expensive. Nowadays, the proliferation of hosting companies has driven down the cost and learning curve to a point where nearly anybody can sign up for an inexpensive account to host their own website. Go to Go Daddy and you can get a hosting account for as little as $30 per year.

With all of the choices comes quite a bit of mediocrity, along with a few really poor providers. Sure, you can get your site hosted for $3 or less per month, but will it still be up on that critical day when your product launches? What if you get a load of traffic and the web site crashes, or the hosting company shuts down your site because you’ve exceeded bandwidth limits? We’ve seen it happen to clients before (although never when they hosted with us of course!).

Pricing is the same. Storage and bandwidth are more or less the same. There are really only two main qualities you should look for in a web host, all else being more or less equal: a.) up-time/reliability and b.) support.

With the playing field more or less the same (at least on the outside), how is one able to know what services are reliable and what companies aren’t? The web hosting company’s web site? Nope. All of them are going to say whatever it takes to get you on board. Almost every company advertises at least a “99.9% Up-time Guarantee”, but few fail to deliver (or properly make up for down-time if and when it occurs). Web reviews perhaps? Nope. Try and Google web hosting company reviews and you get pages after pages of results that are commissioned links, earning money for whomever put it up there with every sign-up. The only reliable option is to go with recommendations from trusted companies/people who have experience in the field.

Now, why use your own hosting account and domain name/URL instead of a free blogging service, such as Blogger or One reason is because you don’t really own those domains or any of the content on them–if the site goes bankrupt, there’s goes your site. Also, many features available to self-hosted sites (such as additional plug-ins and features) that simply aren’t an option when you host for free. Many of the free hosts also impose some sort of advertising on your site in order to recoup costs (while oftentimes restricting your own advertising options), which is highly unprofessional. Professional looking e-mail accounts, such as aren’t available, as there are no e-mail options when you host on one of these types of sites. Lastly, the URL will be something like, which isn’t the most attractive or professional way to represent your business or organization (as opposed to the standard

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